The SmartBeds Mobile Office unit makes for a perfect compact fold-out desk that is ideal for when you are tight on space but need a small table for the occasional work. With several storage shelves and the ability to have a power socket, the Mobile Office makes for an ideal spare work desk.

From $2,500

Technical Details

Metal frame in embossed aluminium colour.

Table 19/20mm composed of melamine wood.

Frame of 19/20/38/40mm composed of melamine wood.

Wall fastening mandatory.

Optional Extras

Optional retractable electrical outlets integrated into the structure.

Mattress Details

Not applicable to this product.


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The pricing provided should be used as a guide only as there are many options to take into account including; the choice of finishes, the type of mattress, and any custom cabinetry that is required.

Our quotes will also include the cost of shipping to your home and if required - instalation and training.

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For more information on the Mobile Office please download the following documents: