The Ghost Sofa Bed by SmartBeds is a vertical bed with a comfortable 3 seat sofa incorporated into the design. A shelf unit is useful and moves without the removal of items when converting into the sofa. An additional chaise lounge is available. With all of our bed units, additional custom cabinetry is available upon request.

From $9,850

Technical Details

Melamine structure.

Metal frame in embossed aluminium colour.

Slatted base.

Double 145 x 205cm (12 slats)

Queen bed base 216 x 205cm (24 slats) with metal support.

8mm front panel and 19/20mm composed of melamine wood.

Frame of 19/20/38/40mm composed of melamine wood.

Bed capacity 200kg (includes mattress and people).

Movement assisted by gas pistons.

Wall fastening mandatory.

Optional Extras

Table 165 x 72cm.

TV bracket.

Doors- closed version.

Cotton bedspread with elasticated corners.

Mattress Details

Chaise lounge

Headboard cushions

Back panel in melamine

Cotton bedspread with elasticated corners


Please contact us for a detailed quote.

The pricing provided should be used as a guide only as there are many options to take into account including; the choice of finishes, the type of mattress, and any custom cabinetry that is required.

Our quotes will also include the cost of shipping to your home and if required - instalation and training.

Note - we have a range of options to suit most budgets - so if you love a product but it is outside of your budget please talk to us and we will discuss other options.


For more information on the Ghost Sofa Bed please download the following documents:

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