Alpha Horizontal Bed By WallBeds Australia

The Alpha Horizontal Bed a great way to provide a multifunctional space in your home providing a pace saving and attractive folding bed. This version of the Alpha Bed is the horizontal version – this means it is wider across when stored but will require less space into the room when open compared to the vertical version.

The Alpha Steel Bed Range is available in Single, Double or Queen sizes. The cabinetry box gets fixed to the wall for the bed to insert into and out of when in use. The cabinetry can include the surrounding cabinetry box, this box with a bookcase, surrounding cabinetry with a desk or any other variation to suit your needs.

They are delivered as a flat pack and can be assembled and installed by you or we can arrange assembly and installation for you. The Alpha Bed Flat Pack includes the steel bed frame, mechanism plus the cabinetry, hardware and two handles. The recommended maximum mattress for the Alpha Bed is 30cm.

A mattress is not included in the base price but can be included in our quote if required.

Mechanism plus Cabinet from $2,060.

Technical Details

Features – Mounts horizontally and offers flexible side cabinet options (for the vertical design only) to suit your storage needs.

Orientation – Horizontally.

Required Fixing – This bed must be affixed to the cabinet to operate.

Is it DIY? – Yes – with adequate skills to ensure a secure wall attachment.

Folding Mechanism – Based on the original Murphy Bed System, it uses a spring system that can be adjusted to create the required tension for finger touch control of the bed. The trip-free fold away legs are manually swung into position when opening and closing the bed.

Frame – The heavy-duty steel frame has three stiffening bars to create a strong bed base and attaches to the vertical sides of the cabinet.

Mattress Base – The mattress rests on the stiffening bars that are attached to the front panel of the cabinet.

Cabinetry – Please note that cabinetry is required as the frame affixes to the side of the cabinet. You can customise your own cabinet, or purchase the mechanism with a flat-pack cabinet and optional desk; adjustable shelving units, with or without drawers and doors.

Mattress – Not supplied with the bed. Recommended mattress thickness is 30 cm.

Optional Extras

Alpha Bed Bookcase – There are 8 variations of bookcases available in various configurations. NB -1 and NB-2 are adjustable shelving. The rest are fixed cabinetry.

Mattress Details

We can provide mattresses that are designed specifically for use on these beds.

They are a pocket coil mattress, with up to 300 springs sewn into individual fabric pockets. For greater comfort and support, there is 2cm of gel memory foam. Each mattress has a topper, made from fireproof linen fabric and contains a 1cm foam base.

For shipping, each mattress is vacuum packed for easy manoeuvrability.


Please contact us for a detailed quote.

The pricing provided should be used as a guide only as there are many options to take into account including; the choice of finishes, the type of mattress, and any custom cabinetry that is required.

Our quotes will also include the cost of shipping to your home and if required - instalation and training.

Note - we have a range of options to suit most budgets - so if you love a product but it is outside of your budget please talk to us and we will discuss other options.


For more information on the Alpha Horizontal Bed please download the following documents: